Frequently Asked Questions

Here are many of the common questions posed to us--if you don't find the answer you were looking for please contact us for more info.

  • What quality of hats does Hamley's offer?  We offer hats ranging in quality from 4X through 500X beaver fur content/quality. Our private label hats are the finest available. We offer hats by Resistol and American, Atwood, Rodeo King, and Hamley private label and design from Alboum.

  • Does Hamley’s custom shape hats?  We happily provide custom hat shaping for our customers. We take great pride in having the most extensive hat department in the West.

  • How long will it take to get a saddle after I order it?  Once a saddle order with a deposit has been received the estimated waiting time to receive a new custom saddle is approximately four to six weeks.

  • What is the base price of a custom saddle?  $3600.

  • Does Hamley’s repair saddles?  We do repair all makes of saddles and excel at repairing, restoring and refurbishing our own saddles. We can also provide saddle history and  certificates of authenticity for most saddles we’ve made through the years.

  • What are your saddle trees made of?  All of our saddles are built on rawhide covered wood trees. There is no substitute for quality. It is impossible to build long lasting, quality saddles on anything but trees of this strength and durability.

  • Does Hamley’s have a tack department?  We have a large tack department with everything from latigos and cinches to silver inlaid bits and rawhide braided reins.

  • What brands of boots does Hamley’s stock?  Currently we offer men's Anderson Bean, Olathe, Justin, Tony Lama, Lucchese, Chippewa; and ladies' Macy Bean, Lucchese, Dan Post, Johnny Ringo, Lane, Old Gringo.  As with every department, our stock is rapidly changing, so please do contact us with further questions. 

  • Does Hamley’s do special orders for tack?  Yes, on certain items--breast collars, saddle bags, working-style headstalls, bronc halters.  If you have a special need, please contact us to inquire.

  • Are there saddles available for immediate sale?  We currently do have a good stock of hand-made Hamley saddles in different tree styles, seat lengths, and tooling options available for immediate sale. We are fortunate to have this many saddles available for our customers. It certainly takes the “wait” out of getting a great Hamley saddle.

  • Do you sell used saddles?  Sometimes we have a few used saddles available for sale but they don’t last very long and we have no control over when we would have one.

  • Does Hamley’s take saddles in trade for new ones?  Perhaps--it would depend on the quality of the trade-in saddle and who made the saddle. It would also depend on what the saddle is being traded for. It is done at the discretion of the saddle shop manager and management.

  • What types of saddles does Hamley’s make?  All types of western saddles, including custom fitting you and your horse. We have designed and created all types of saddles and are innovators in the saddle industry. We created saddle tree classics the modified association and Wade trees.